Judging Criteria

Judging is guided by the judging criteria outlined below. Judging criteria does not consider the number of scheme members, the prominence of the scheme or offer, nor the size of funds under management


In this section the judges will look at the measurable objectives:

– If your entry is your annual report or PDS, were there strategies and objectives employed beyond the disclosure required by statutory or regulatory compliance?

– If your entry is a media campaign, the judges will want an insight into the research that was undertaken in setting your objectives as well as the strategic planning process involved.


If your entry is clearly a media campaign, then your entry must clearly identify who the target audience is and the process for any segmentation. Judges will be looking for how well you segmented your market and derived your target audience, as well as how this will assist in achieving the objectives.

Implementation of the campaign

If your entry is a media campaign, the implementation of the campaign must be demonstrated. You must outline the specific tactics of the campaign and how the strategy was implemented. Judges will be looking for effective implementation in accordance with the overall strategic plan.

Use of digital or online media – where it deepens an audience or improves access – will be highly regarded.

Communicating the message

In this section you must explain:

– How the design, layout and content of the annual reporting or PDS delivered easy comprehension by the target audience. If disclosure went beyond the required statutory/regulatory disclosure, was any additional information relevant, contextual and ordered to augment the other key information & overall reader comprehension.

– For media campaigns the choice of media channel or channels and why they were employed for this particular campaign. Where more than one channel has been adopted you must explain how the channels integrated and supported one another.

Creativity and innovation

Judges will be looking for excellence in creative execution and the effectiveness of this in communicating the message. You must explain the overall creative platform, copy, graphics, design elements etc. and how you anticipate this will help your audience.

Evaluation of progress/results

Compare any actual results to stated objectives. If a campaign is still in progress, you should explain how results are tracking.